Game Accounts

To enter your gameaccounts on the ESL Play, go to your game section and choose any tournament. On the tournament page on the right side you can see the league widget, where you can enter your Game ID.


Example: 0:0:3703245
Restriction: Prefix of 0:0: or 0:1: followed by numbers

How to find
Use our SteamID Finder to get the correct SteamID for your game and then follow the steps on the page.

Unreal Tournament 4

Type: EpicID
Example: b988d08796a35451126f7251ef9f6c08
Restriction: 32 characters (0-9, a-f only)

How to find
1. Start Unreal Tournament
2. Open your player card
3. Click on ID to copy it

Warcraft 3


Your WC3 Battlenet gameaccount is simply your username to login to


Your GGC (WC3) gameaccount is simply your username to login with the GGC client (see