Quick Rules

Quick Starter Guide for all Newcomers
  • 1) Download the latest version for free and create a new account
  • 2) Add your PokerTH nickname as gameaccount to your ESL Profile
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Rules: Special One Table Events (Full announcements)
  • 10 one-table-events in total
  • depending on signups we will open 1 or 2 tables per event with 10 slots each
  • Check-In enabled! first come first serve! Free for all!
  • top three after all events win the prizes (see below)
  • Players have to add a PokerTH Nickname
  • the winner must send in the log file via Support
We offer two parallel tables per event, named Event#X Table#1 and Event#X Table#2. This means 20 guys have the chance to take part in an event. You can signup for both tables in order to maximize your chance to get a spot. But do only check in for one table or you risk being removed from both tables! So if you receive the message "cup_already_full" after trying to check-in for Table #1 then checkin for Table #2!

  • Max players: 10 players
  • Startmoney: 10.000 $
  • Time to act: 8 seconds
  • Password: will be sent by an admin
  • 1st small blind 50 $
  • raising blinds: double every 10 hands
  • time between hands: 5 seconds

Ranking System
won matches per event are relevant. The overall ranking is based on this number of won matches. In case of same stats: number of event wins count, 2nd places etc. Example:
  • Player E sits out first
  • Player H wins
  • Player A sits out as 7th
  • Example Ranking

Questions & Support

If you have any further questions, problems or feedback, you can always post in our forum or open a Support Ticket. GL & HF!

// Your eu.gifpokerth_small.gifAdmin-Team


The overall ranking winner after all 10 Events can select one out of these three prize-packages! The 2nd placed player can select between the remaining two packages while the 3rd placed player will get the left package.