Blub Game Summer Cup 2015
A bit late, but here is the Summer Cup for Blub Game! This will be the last seasonal cup in this style, as we'll be moving on to a new concept in the autumn. Sign-up for the cup and let's see who'll win this last edition of the Double Elimination-seasonal tournament.

Blub Game Summer Cup 2015

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Until July 31st, 20:00 CEST
Date: Saturday, 1st of August
Size: 32 players
Structure: Double elimination
Coverage: Bracket & Contestants

Basic rules:

Teamsize: 1on1
Mode: Best of Three
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Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL
Enter a contact method in your account
Click the sign up link!


The player on the left side of the ESL page can choose the settings in the first game. The other player can decide the settings for the second game. In case a third game has to be played, you have to use the standard ruleset which is a 4on4 field with speed 1,5x.

Match timespan

The last cup has taken so long, that this time round we'll be using a different set-up. All matches have a default date (fourth day at 20:00 CEST). You can talk with your opponent to play in the four days before and if you can't work it out you have to play on the default date. If no match has been played after the default date, a defwin will be given.

For example: the first matchdate is set to August 4th. You can talk with your opponent to play on 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th of August. If no agreement has been made, you play on August 4th at 20:00 CEST.

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