play Curve Fever 1on1 Spring Cup 2015 Europe

Last change: 12.02.2016 18:05

These are the rules for the Curve Fever 1on1 Spring Cup 2015 Europe. We make every effort to ensure the rules are complete and up to date but this may not always be the case. You should also check the Info Page and News for additions, exceptions and modifications that may apply. The rules are a guideline and the decisions by admins may differ from them depending on the circumstances. If you have any questions about the rules, please write a support ticket.

1. Match Media

1.1. General

All players have to take a screenshot of the final result and save the replay. If any irregularities (like timeouts or disconnects) occur, a screenshot has to be taken.
It's enough if only one of the players uploads the matchmedia as long as in the end at least one correct screenshot is uploaded within 24 hours.

1.2. Screenshot

The screenshot has to show the following elements:
- The complete Curve Fever window with the winner or loser message.
- The windows taskbar with the clock.

2. Settings

Gamesettings can be found in the announcementnews or the quick rules on the cuppage.

3. Match Rules

3.1. Timeouts / Disconnects

If a player drops during a game, the remaining player has to take a screenshot. Afterwards the match has to be restarted. So you go back to the lobby and start the game as usual. Now you play until you reach the pointlimit with the points already received before the timeout/disconnect deducted.
If the player fails to rejoin within 10 minutes the remaining rounds will be added to the score of the player/team that didn't had a timeout/disconnect.

3.2. Results

Only the points that are shown in-game count as points. If Curve Fever counts a point and you're sure it was incorrect the point will count anyway. The final scoreboard at the end is all that counts.

3.3. Game Accounts

You have to use the Curve Fever name you've entered as gameaccount on ESL.

3.4. Spectators

Spectators are only allowed if both participants agree to this within the match comments.

3.5. Wrong Settings

You have to check the settings before showing your opponent that you are ready. Once the game is running there is no way to protest for wrong match settings.

4. Penalty points

4.1. Penalty Point Catalogue

In general, a player and the team can receive up to 6 penalty points per match, unless a single violation has a higher punishment. A team is only punished once per violation, regardless of how many players. Where a player or team receives penalty points for multiple violations, the penalty points are added together.

Rule violation Number of penalty points
No show Team: 3; Player: 2
Reject compulsory challenge Normal: 1
Intense (top 10): 2
Abort match Player / Team: 4
Use of ineligible player
Inactive barrage Player / Team: 3
Barraged Player / Team: 6
Unregistered player Player / Team: 3
Missing Premium (where required) Player / Team: 3
Missing Trusted (where required) Player / Team: 3
Ringer/Faker Player / Team: 6
Playing with wrong gameaccount Player / Team: 3
Playing without a registered gameaccount Player / Team: 3
Unsportsmanlike behaviour
Multiple/Fake accounts Warning / 1-3 penalty points
Faking country/nationality Warning / 1 / 2 / 3 penalty points
Deception Player / Team: 1 - 4
Fake result Player / Team: 4
Fake match media Player / Team: 6
Fake match Player / Team: 6
Cheating Player: 12 / Team: 6