Welcome to the JBL Quantum Cup - Australia & Asia Pacific!

Earn your chance to play Fortnite against the Pros and become a champion
Pair up with a friend and join us in the Open Qualifiers where you will battle for your share of over $100,000 USD in cash and prizes over three regions.

Deadline to enter is December 4th. Register Now!

Tournament regions

The JBL Quantum Cup is divided into three separate regions. You are currently on the Asia region page. For other region specific information click on one of the links below:

Tournament format details

  • Qualifiers: Each region consists of 3 qualifier tournaments.
    • Limited to 200 duos total
    • 1st Round: 4 Groups - 2 Matches - Top 25 Advance from each (100)
    • 2nd Round: 2 Groups - 2 Matches - Top 25 Advance from each (50)
    • 3rd round: 1 Group - 3 Matches - Top 10 Advance
    • Format: Duos, Kill / Placement Leaderboard
  • Playoffs: The top 10 duos in each region will be joined by 22 invited duos to compete in a playoffs tournament.
    • Playoffs: 1 Group - 5 Matches
    • Format: Duos, Kill / Placement Leaderboard.

Please check the rulebook on the relevant tournament pages below for the complete tournament information.

Upcoming Tournaments