Jorge 'Elixyr' Pereira  id: 3466969
CPU Core2duo 1.8ghz
RAM 1 gb
Videocard Nvidia geforce 256 mb
Storage 290 gb
Display hp w1907v
OS Windows7
Antivirus avast
Mouse a4tech x7
Mousepad gamers mat double side
Keyboard a4tech
Headphones idream
Connection ZON
Mobile Phone Samsung
Movie Minorca/ Livro de Eli
Music electrohouse/trance/ house / hip hop
Song Chuckie & Hardwell - Move It 2 The Drum (Original
Actor / Actress Silvester Stalone/Vin diese
Car maserati mc12
Sport Futsal / futebol
Map khyber
Player me :)
Console pc\ ps2
Xfire: x3xstazy -> dont challenge me , contact me first ;)

Spam My GB 8D

═►MUSIC! .ılılı. ♫ AWARDS ═►

Settings :
╔═►Aequitas On
╠══► Slots 1-4
╠═══► Ping green
╠════► 0/999 Rejoin
╚═════► No premium or promo weapons

my internet:


3rd of "3on3 CPW New Years Cup" with team Runners Under Damage

3rd of "3on3 Summer Cup 2009" with team uNtouchables eSports 18/08/09 to 14/09/09

3th place "1v1 hand gun ladder pt"

5th place "1v1 quick ladder pt"

5th place "3v3+ eu.ladder" with uNtouchables eSports and Superb-eSports

5th place "3v3+ eu.ladder" with eXtreme Revolution aka Skillmatics eSports

15th place "1v1 khyber corners ladder"

5th place "3v3+ eu.ladder" with The New Generation

2nd Place Kharif CUP with Sector