Competition Structure

The tournament will have a total of 16 qualifying days, 6 flash rounds per day and 1 winner from each qualifier will proceed to the next round. Player that accumulates the highest flash points per qualifying day will be the winner of qualifying day. Schedule is as below and is still subjected to change:

 First Qualifier: 11 June  Ninth Qualifier: 03 July
 Second Qualifier: 12 June  Tenth Qualifier: 06 July
 Third Qualifier: 15 June  Eleventh Qualifier: 09 July
 Fourth Qualifier: 22 June  Twelfth Qualifier: 10 July
 Fifth Qualifier: 25 June   Thirteenth Qualifier: 13 July
 Sixth Qualifier: 26 June  Fourteenth Qualifier: 16 July
 Seventh Qualifier: 29 June  Fifteenth Qualifier: 17 July
 Eighth Qualifier: 02 July  Sixteenth Qualifier: 20 July

Match details

  • Game mode: Head to Head (not FUT)
  • Match duration: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
  • Controls: Any
  • Game Speed: Normal

In case of draw: Extra time and penalties if needed

Metarank system

Metarank is a ranking feature where can compile points from multiple cups and show contestants rankings of one or several tournaments.

  • Based on their finishing positions, players will earn points in each tournament. The total points earned across flash rounds week will determine who will advance to the  Flash Cup SEA OPEN Final
  • Points will be awarded per match in the following way:
 Match win  3pts
 Match loss  1pts

Please check out the full rulebook for more information.

Qualifier 1 Ranking


What is Flash Round?

Flash Round or Flash Cup is a mode which each cup every player will only play for 1 match in every flash round, after the match ends, another flash round will start with whoever sign up and check in for it. Flash Cup provides flexibility in terms of schedule for players.


How long is the duration per match in each Flash Cup round?

Overall duration of 30mins per flash round excluding 15mins of check-in time.


Do I have to add friend opponent to start the match?

No. You will automatically receive an invitation on PSN Dashboard to join the match after cup start. If you do not join the lobby within the first 10min when you receive the invitation, you will receive default loss for the match.


I don't see the match invitation on PSN, what can I do?

Invitations are sent out as soon as the cup start, so if you did not see it even if you checked in for the cup, contact Support as soon as possible within the first 10min so that admin can provide necessary action.


How many flash round can I register?

The tournament will have a total of 16 qualifying days, 6 flash rounds per day. Feel free to join every Flash Round that you want to participate.

Kindly remind that you will need to check-in every Flash Round that registered.


What will happen if I did not complete the check-in process?

If you failed to check in, you will not be able to participate in the specific flash rounds.


What’s the check-in process like?

Please check out this LINK.


If I lose in any flash round, can I still join the remaining tournament?

If you lose in any Flash Round, you are allowed to join the remaining of Flash Rounds as long as you registered for it.


How does the metarank work?

The metarank will collect all of your win match & lost match score and put into a leader board. Metarank will be auto update right after each flash rounds and refresh accordingly to the qualifier schedule. 


How frequent will be the ranking of metarank be refresh?

Metarank leader board will be updated after each flash round & tournament day and will be refresh after the competitive qualifier ended.


Do I get any prizes for any flash round that I win?

You will earn points after you complete a Flash Round.

Win – 3 points

Lose – 1 point


Weekly prizes: Top 1 winner of each qualifier will get advance to the Flash Cup SEA OPEN Final, each of them will win a total of PSN USD 100.

Grand Final Prizes: Total Cash Prize pool of USD 2,500


If I have qualified to the Flash Cup SEA OPEN Final, can I still join?

Top 1 winner of the qualifier who had qualified to the Flash Cup SEA OPEN Final are not allowed to reparticipate the remaining tournament. No extra prize will be awarded if you qualified multiple time.


Am I allowed to change my PSN ID / use a different PSN ID during the Flash Cup SEA OPEN Final?

 Winners who qualified, will need to use the same PSN ID that they use during they qualified. No changing PSN ID is allowed. 



Prize distribution for Flash Cup SEA Open June - July | FIFA22 

The top 1 for each Flash Cup Qualifier will reward prizes below:

  • PSN Voucher worth USD 100
  • Advance to Flash Cup SEA OPEN Final

Past Tournaments