Protest guidelines (Excerpt):

These guidelines are supposed to make the processing of protests more easy for the admins, to accelerate the handling and therewith shorten the duration.

This, of course, also helps the users. Should one or more of these binding guidelines not be abided by, the protest can be denied due to form error. A renewed filing of the protest can therefore be ruled out!

1. The protest can only be filed using the protest form on the ESL page. Protests filed by email or IRC are not valid, though they may help explain the circumstances.

2. The protest has to contain exact information on the reason for the protest, e.g. "They cheated!" would not be a sufficient explanation. Also, the protest should be comprehensible and carefully worded. The language depends on the tournament, meaning if you are in a European tournament you have to use English, if you are in a local tournament, you should use the local language. It is not reasonable for the responsible admin to have to read sentences without case sensitivity, punctuation marks etc. It can be expected of each user to comply with the English spelling.

3. Any form of insults, no matter how "harmless" they may be, are strictly forbidden in the script and can result in penalty points or even in the deletion of the protest.

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