sroka vs. WoJteK2274
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Status: closed
MatchID 37035398
Date Wednesday, 24 July 19:00
Calculated Wednesday, 24 July 19:05
Round Round of 256
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4 : 2
sroka wins !

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24/07/19 12:13  #1
// ESL Admin Team
Please be advised we play head to head, not Fifa Ultimate Team. If your rival is not here within 15 minut after the match date, please open a protest and request default win. After the game is played, please SUBMIT A SCREENSHOT WITH THE RESULT AND VISIBLE PSN ID so we can confirm your result. We recommend you writing a comment confirming your presence, so no default win is given. Above refers also to future rounds. In case of cheating - please open protest as soon as possible and provide evidence (screenshot, video on yt via share button, etc.) - protests without evidence shall be closed. Good luck and have a nice tournament!
24/07/19 12:26  #2
Siema, dodaj srokafifa
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