Quick Rules

Do you want to participate in the FIFA 19 Cologne Cup Central Europe Tournament? Check the required steps to do so:

  • 1. You need to register an ESL account
  • 2. You must meet the following requirements to participate:

    • Minimum age: 16
    • Residence/Nationality: Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland
    • Game account: PSN Account
                                (Players who do not correctly enter their PSN account can be eliminated from the competition)
  • 3. Sign up (Registration also enabled by the PSN integration in the "events" tab)
  • 4. Wait for check-in at the time visible on tournament page (Maximum: 2048 players allowed)

How to play?

  • 1. Add your rivals to friends on PSN
  • 2. Start FIFA 19
  • 3. From the tab "Online", select "Online Friendlies™"
  • 4. Select settings described below in "Game Details"
  • 5. Invite your rival
  • 6. Play the match
  • 7. Provde a screenshot confirming the result in the match page and confirm the result

Tournament Details:

  • Game mode: Head to Head 1on1 (not FUT)
  • Format: Best of One (BO1)
  • Structure: Single Elimination bracket

Game Details:

  • Match duration: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
  • Controls: Any
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Squad Type: Online
  • In case of draw: Golden goal match 


Place Prize
medal_gold_3.png 1st Promotion to the Online Playoffs
medal_silver_3.png 2nd Promotion to the Online Playoffs
medal_bronze_3.png 3rd Promotion to the Online Playoffs
medal_grey.png 4th Promotion to the Online Playoffs

Date of the Online Playoffs: 27.07.19 18:00 CEST


ESL Play App

Get in touch with your rival! Use our free application ESL Play on your mobile device in order to quickly contact your rival.

In addition, you can have a direct follow-up of the tournament without having to worry about anything. Easy, comfortable and simple!

Discord ESL FIFA

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Questions or doubts regarding this tournament? Please do not hesitate to contact our admin squad via Support Ticket. If you have any questions regarding creating an ESL account, joining the tournament, rules or contacting the rival, you can open a Support Ticket and we will reply as soon as possible

Problems with the match: If you have problems with contacting your opponent, something happened during the match and you want to escalate that, please open a Protest and we will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that admins of the tournament are here to help and make sure that you have a great experience during the tournament.