ChristianSpiteri vs. Gogetinho
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Status: closed
MatchID 37041585
Date Saturday, 27 July 18:00
Calculated Saturday, 27 July 18:59
Round Round of 16
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2 : 1
ChristianSpiteri wins !
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Please be advised we play in Double Elimination, Best of Three (BO3) format.
BO3 means that you need to win 2 full matches in order to advance in the bracket.
Double Elimination means that even you lose, you are not disqualified yet, you can still play in the loosers bracket.
If your rival is not present 15 minut after the match date, please open a protest and request default win. After the game is played, please SUBMIT SCREENSHOTS WITH THE RESULTS AND VISIBLE PSN IDs so we can confirm it. We recommend you writing a comment confirming your presence, so no default win is given. Above refers also to future rounds. In case of cheating or other issues - please open protest as soon as possible and provide evidence (screenshot, video on yt via share button, etc.) - protests without evidence shall be closed. Good luck and have a nice tournament!
TOP1 is promoted to the Grand Finals at Gamescom, in the consolation final player from Winners Bracket starts from 1-0 in matches (so he needs to win only one match).

If you have any questions or doubts please let us know.
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