Macedo1994 vs. Globalmeister
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Status: closed
MatchID 35675479
Date Monday, 01/01/18 13:30
Calculated 01/02/18 14:14
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Macedo1994 wins !
01/02/18 14:10
Round 1*
1.7 MB, 01/02/18 14:10, by mnk
* No longer available
comments (7)
im waiting...why so many time to play 1 game ?
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He lveave my lobby , next dont join when i join to his lobby my controller dont work , and connection was red , i mean cheater .
i cant join to me and talk to me the controller doesnt working.
open protest then, please this is taking to long...
Only in your lobby my controller dont work
it not normal
mnk you lost your last game , why are you even trying to play ? you deserve penalty points for fake result ! wtf ?
wtf?? i have only played the first game and i won tha
t gamne
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