How does a timetable look like?

If you watched a demo, you are able to apply a demo analysis from the Anti Cheat Team of the ESL per protest ticket, when you have the suspicion that the player used a forbidden tool.
The most important thing is that you have to write a timetable when you open a protest ticket because of a cheat suspicion.

The timetable has to contain following information:

  • Name- and Accountlink of the player
  • Ingame player nickname of the player you want to be checked
  • Sort, description or name of the suspected cheat
  • Download link and name of demo (e.g. 3on3int_ct.dem)
  • Specific times of the demo which look suspicious, along with a reason for each (e.g. why it cannot have been coincidence, luck, hearing or skill)
You can look at the specific times with the command “demoui” (now you have to chose the demo). This time show you the period how long the current map has been played at the server and this time is the same for both players.

Here is an example of a detailed timetable:

I have the suspicion that the player1 cheated against player2 because he was afraid to lose the match.

Playerlink: playerlink of the player
Ingamenick: Mister Spock1337
Cheat: aimbot, flashhack and wallhack/ESP
Demolink: link to download the demo from the matchsheet
Demoname: demoname.dem (name of the *.dem in the *.zip file)


1221 – I creep to the ramp and the player1 stays at the ramp too because he “sees” that I’m coming.
1434 – I’m throwing a flash grenade to the entry of the hall and the player1 stands there, therefore he has to be blinded but he see everything and kills me immediately when I come out of the door.
1501 – I creep in the anteroom of the radio room to the chippy, and the crosshair of the player 1 remains on my head
1800 – The player1 stands on the ct base and looks up to the hall, I creep from the ramp to the ladder. All at once his crosshair moves to my head and then he shoots. He couldn’t hear me!
2021 – I’m running in the hall and the crosshair of the player1 is locked at my head. Although I jump his crosshair is still on my head.
2712 – The player1 sits on the hall and he is aiming at the entry of the hall. I’m coming out of the chippy (I creep out) and the crosshair of the player1 immediately is locked at my head. Unbelievable reaction!
3012 - I throw another flash in front of the player1, but he is aiming unchecked at me

Please have a look at the demo. Thank you.