What is the ESL Evolve Major League?

The ESL Evolve Major League features a complete group stage, in which teams earn points towards qualifying for the playoff games. The top teams from each group will advance to the playoffs in August. From the Semifinal on, the Players will be flown to Poland to the offline event in our brand new polish studios.

More information about the online Major League can be found on the bottom.

ESL Evolve 5on5 Major League 2015 Finalists

ESL Major League


Groupstage - 4 Groups of 6 Teams

  • Wednesday, 29th of July - Matchday 1
  • Wednesday, 5th of August - Matchday 2
  • Wednesday, 12th of July - Matchday 3
  • Wednesday, 19th of August - Matchday 4
  • Saturday, 22nd of August - Matchday 5
All dates are the default dates, teams are able to agree on a different match date within the same week.

Playoffs with full coverage

  • Saturday, 12th of September - Lower half of Ro16
  • Sunday, 13th of September - Lower half of Ro16
  • Monday, 14th of September - Upper half of Ro16
  • Tuesday, 15th of September - Upper half of Ro16
  • Sunday, 20th of September - Lower half Quarterfinals
  • Monday, 21st of September - Upper half Quarterfinals

Offline Event in Poland

  • Saturday, 10th of October - Offline Semi Finals and Grand Final (Double Elimination)

Frequently Asked Questions

Group stage

Teams are divided into 4 groups of 8 teams. All groups are played in round robin format and everyone plays everyone once.


All matches in the groupstage will be played as Best-of-Three (Bo5) / Playoffs (Bo7) and the maps will be decided by mapveto.

Match days

The match days are pre selected and can be found above in the schedule. However, it's possible to move matches if both teams agree within the same match week. A match week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Teams have to agree on a new match date before the default date, otherwise you have to play on the default date. Not showing up will result in a default loss.

Demos & Screenshots

Each and every member who is playing in a match has to make a screenshot for each map.

Searching for Teammembers?

Visit our forum to search for other players or a team which you can join!

More information about the Major League can be found on detailed F.A.Q. page.

Detailed F.A.Q. page


The € 10,000 will be distributed to the top 4 of the ESL Major League playoffs. the prize money will be split like this:
Place Money
medal_gold_3.png 1. € 5,000
medal_silver_3.png 2. € 3,000
medal_bronze_3.png 3./4. € 1,000

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