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Warning: Make sure that all your team members participating in the tournament have the correct Steam ID registered in their account. Not doing this can result in disqualification! More info the in Help box below.


Tournament Schedule

Date Hour (Round) Hour (Round)
23 Sep 2018* 13:00 SGT (Ro64) 14:30 SGT (Ro32)
16:00 SGT (Ro16) 17:30 SGT (Ro8)
24 Sep 2018 17:00 SGT (Ro4)
*Subject to change based on the amount of participants. The tournament will start on the 23rd of September 2018, 13:00 SGT, regardless of the amount of participants. If less than 32 teams sign up, less rounds are played on the 23rd of September 2018. If there are more than 64 teams, extra rounds are played on the 23rd of September 2018.

Quick Rules


Registration requirements and limitations

  • The tournament is limited to 512 teams on check-in
  • Only teams belonging to the countries shown above are eligible to participate in this tournament.
    • In a multiregional team, 3 out of 5 players need to be part of the region you are signing-up for (if, for example, in a team we have 3 people from Europe and 2 people from America, the team will only be eligible to play in the European qualifier).
    • Sign-ups will be reviewed by the administration team before being accepted to prevent cases where teams try to overrule this requirement.
Tournament rules:
  • Tournament Format: Single Elimination, Best of One until Ro4, Best of Three from Ro4 onward
  • Game Mode: Captains mode
  • Server location: Singapore
  • Vote system: Coin toss. Votes are done in the ingame lobby using chat commands.
  • Follow the steps on the tournament widget to play the match


Place Reward
medal_gold_3.png 1-2nd. Qualification for the DreamLeague Closed Qualifier


Is this your first time? Here are the important steps

Pay special attention to the Steam ID's registered in your team members! Having the wrong steam ID will cause the bot to kick your player from the lobby, resulting in a likely disqualification from the tournament.

  • Go to your team profile and click in members (left side of the page, under the logo)
  • There you will be able to see the Steam ID's that your team members have registered in their accounts
  • Go to our Steam ID finder page, paste their steam profiles and make sure that the Dota 2 game account matches to the one registered in their accounts
  • If the Steam ID does not match, your player must come to the website and in this page, he can change the Steam ID on the top right, at the Sign-up box.
    • If your player gets an unknown error when registering the Steam ID, please open a support ticket.
With this, you are now fully ready to play in our tournaments without any issues.

Still need help? During the cup, use chat if it is available, otherwise please contact support.

Match related issues must be handled via match protest.

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