Dota 2 Player Guide

How to sign-up to the tournament
  1. (Register or) Login in your ESL Account using the tournament widget.
  2. Register your Dota 2 Steam ID by clicking register on the tournament widget.
    1. You can find your steam ID here.
    2. Copy and past it in the requested box, and hit confirm.
  3. Select the team you want to sign-up with.
  4. Click Team status to check if you are ready to sign-up.
    • At the top of the the Team status window you can find what requirements are missing
    • Invite your team members by sharing the invite link found below
    • Once your team requirements are fulfilled and you see the Team ready checkmark, you are ready to sign-up
  5. Sign-up to the tournament.
Fulfilling the requirements and checking-in
  • Signing-up is only the first step into participating the cup
  • Check-in phase will start 1 hour prior to the tournament start
  • You need to check-in in order to play in the tournament
  • In order to check-in, you need to make sure that your team fulfills all the requirements such as Steam ID, Country, etc.
    • You can check your Team status at any time in the tournament widget
  • Once the check-in opens, click Check-in to confirm your participation
  • You are now ready to play in the tournament! Once the tournament date and hour is reached, a match will be generated
Playing a match
  1. Once the check-in is done, you will see a countdown until the start of the tournament
  2. Once the countdown is over you will see who your opponent is (tournament creation might take a few minutes after the countdown is over)
  3. Once you see who your opponent is, click in his name to access the match page.
  4. When the match start time is reached an ingame lobby will be generated for you. You will get an invite to a ingame lobby. This process can take up to 5 minutes (usually it's done within 1 minute)
  5. Once a player from each team joins the lobby, the vote will start.
    • The vote is a replication of the ingame coin toss system. 1 team will be randomly picked as the team with priority, and choose from all available options. The priority then rotates in the round (if the match is not Best of 1)
    • In case you do not get an invite or you reject it, you can manually join the lobby with the details shared in the lobby
  6. Once the vote is finished, players will be able to join their slots based on the vote results. Once all team slots are picked, the match will start.
  7. Once the game is over, the match result will be automatically submitted on ESL Play.
  8. If the match is a Best of 3 or more, a new lobby will be generated a few moments after the game finishes
Important points
  • You can only start playing the match when the match date is reached
  • If a player that does not belong to one of the teams tries to join the lobby, he will be automatically kicked from the lobby
  • You are unable to manually submit the result of the match. If a team does not show up, please open a protest ticket to get support from the admin team.
  • If you are experiencing any problems with your match or lobby, please create a protest ticket
  • Keep a look at your email. Important information for players may be sent during the tournament