JOKER vs. Stageone Gaming
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 Stageone Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 34379955
Date Sunday, 18/12/16 09:00
Calculated 18/12/16 09:44
map Best-of-One
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0 : 1
Stageone Gaming wins !

Stageone Gaming

comments (11)
u do lobby?
starting time 15:00 isnt it?
yeee sure 15cet but im asking before :=))
okey: stageone vs joke
pw: qwert
Hey guys, looks like we have to start now according to the rules
hey, can u pls show up in the next 10 minutes?
oh fuck
its okey, just join now
whats the lobby name?
stageone vs joker
we open it now too stageone vs joker can u see it
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