Team B vs. PleaseReportTimbersaw
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 Team B
Status: closed
MatchID 31750464
Date Saturday, 22/08/15 09:00
Calculated 22/08/15 10:39
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(5on5) Defense of the Ancients 1 : 0
(5on5) Defense of the Ancients 0 : 0
Team B wins !
22/08/15 10:38
Round 5 - - BurdeN*
178 kB, 22/08/15 10:38, by BurdeN (B)
* No longer available

Team B

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Team B create a lobby then invite your opponent and update to us.
Any updates regarding this match?
we already win.
Then upload the screenshot.
ARVINO wrote:
Then upload the screenshot.

All Fine Now ? Thanks for The Game Guys
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