zone hard vs. Zoro+4
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 zone hard
Status: closed
MatchID 31750450
Date Saturday, 22/08/15 07:30
Calculated 22/08/15 10:02
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(5on5) Defense of the Ancients 0 : 1
(5on5) Defense of the Ancients :
Zoro+4 wins !
22/08/15 10:09
Round 3 - - Croszk*
99 kB, 22/08/15 10:09, by Croszk (Z4)
22/08/15 10:10
My team(zoro+4) win vs ZH*
371 kB, 22/08/15 10:10, by danielsubandi (Z4)
* No longer available
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Updates Please?
Any update here?
Last 10minutes

No show for both teams. Closing the match.
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zoro+4 win. wait our captain post screenshot first
i have screenshoot, can u see that?
You won but you never uploaded anything. Check the time.
99 kB, 22/08/15 22:09, by Croszk (Z4)
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Screenshots posted almost 3 hours from start time.
we already upload admin.
we cant report because we in game sir, see 1hr we play
yea all match we play are delayed because we wait our opponennt too admin. and our opponent never post the score after their lose. in 20.49 admin says last 10 minutes right?
we post at 20.59
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