Gatot Kaca vs. Voyska Dota
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 Gatot Kaca
 Voyska Dota
Status: closed
MatchID 31750394
Date Saturday, 22/08/15 06:00
Calculated 22/08/15 07:26
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(5on5) Defense of the Ancients :
(5on5) Defense of the Ancients :
draw (Default Win)
22/08/15 07:42
no one ofthem comingbutwelose?*
350 kB, 22/08/15 07:42, by SteelixJr
* No longer available
Voyska Dota
22/08/15 07:34
Haven't played yet
comments (2)
eXcuse me admin, we havent played this game yet.
In the chat there's only our team,but why we default lose?
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