Milkyway E-sport vs. Zoro+4
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 Milkyway E-sport
Status: closed
MatchID 31750344
Date Friday, 21/08/15 13:00
Calculated 22/08/15 06:21
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(5on5) Defense of the Ancients 0 : 1
(5on5) Defense of the Ancients 0 : 0
Zoro+4 wins !
22/08/15 05:23
Round 2 - - danielsubandi*
218 kB, 22/08/15 05:23, by danielsubandi (Z4)
* No longer available
comments (5)
can we play bro?
he wont report sir
Excuse me, can you help me to enter the result match?
thank you
The enemy wont report sir. we already message them and they dont reply my message
Any update?
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