Ourang Medan vs. FSNC
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 Ourang Medan
Status: closed
MatchID 31750266
Date Friday, 21/08/15 13:00
Calculated 22/08/15 05:30
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(5on5) Defense of the Ancients 1 : 0
(5on5) Defense of the Ancients 0 : 0
Ourang Medan wins !
22/08/15 04:37
BeZel calls "GG"*
161 kB, 22/08/15 04:37, by Athlon-Celeron
22/08/15 05:11
Bz Win*
132 kB, 22/08/15 05:11, by Shun Szev (OM)
* No longer available


Ourang Medan

22/08/15 03:52
FSNC Create a lobby
comments (13)
winner of this match, join lobby, password 115, we're your next opponent
they calls "gg" but cancel it
is the game still going on? we've been waiting since 3.30sgt
so has the game ended? or is it still being played??
sorry for that admin... its for alles.. my teams shift is just stucking... there is no purpose to admit defeat on that occasion ... on the state of the game when it was obvious we were lead .. so it is very unlikely to admit defeat .... hopefully admin may be wise in making decisions .. this is only a technical error on the keyboard of my team .. thats all regards BeZel
here is the rules

we continuing that game because we wait for admin response my post/picture
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as I said earlier it was not intentional , but the technical problems of the keyboard .. gg article was shown to the allies indicates that his hero will soon die not intend to admit defeat .. it's just a technical error on the keyboard ... please policies of admin .. from screenshot above clearly we 're winning there a fool who admitted defeat when he is in a position superior to everything? thanks before ... Bezel
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In every tournament calls "GG" either intentionally or not, will considered loses.

Except on FaceIT XD
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admin thank you for your understanding and discretion in making these decisions... regards bezel
Why are we even arguing the screenshot says bezel won
ARVINO wrote:
Why are we even arguing the screenshot says bezel won

but the rules said :

2.6.7. Abortion of a match
You can abort a match by typing "gg" (without the "") on the all chat.

why made rules but doesn't going well?

But you guys were able to finish the match right?
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