LossEclipss vs. HS-Gaming
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Status: closed
MatchID 31750135
Date Friday, 21/08/15 12:00
Calculated 22/08/15 04:39
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22/08/15 04:34
Round 1*
1.5 MB, 22/08/15 04:34, by se7en_Cool
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22/08/15 04:14
HS-Gaming Vs LossEclipsss
LossEclipss doesn't show up, admine pls check nowwww
22/08/15 04:24
team HS Vs Losseclip
team losseclip offline ..... pls check n let Team HS won
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Hello anyone here???? im one of the ESL admin.. message me if you have a question... and tell your team so i can locate it faster tnx ^_^
I want to ask my team to compete What time is it?
We wait your team for 1h already...
team HS wait already 1h admin pls check we already report
hi, is this match already started ?I'm from FoX.ID team, your next opponent on your next match
we waiting also the result of you guys
help me report to admin, team LossEclipss doesnt show up and admin not seeing our report also.. m from team HS-Gaming
admin pls contact me... im from team HS
LossEclipse are you here?
team loseEclipss offline !!!
team lossEclipse still offline ...
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