DreamLeague Season 14 Decider Tournament

DreamLeague Season 14 Open Qualifiers

About the qualifiers

  • A DPC Roster is required ( REGISTER HERE ). Your team's DPC roster must be up to date and must have the correct team name as it is written on the ESL team profile.
  • The Dreamleague Season 14 Qualifiers are available for Europe region only.
  • Each qualifier is limited to 512 teams
  • For a team to be eligible to participate in a region, 3 or more of the players need to reside in the area they are competing in. Additionally, teams will be able to use a stand-in for up to 4 of their matches as long as that stand-in is either competing in a lower division or not competing in a league at all.
  • Teams are only allowed to play in one region.
  • Teams can participate in both Open Qualifiers if they are not part of/qualified to the League or Closed Qualifiers.