The Czech national representation in ENC
E-Sport Entertainment, Ltd. officialy introduces Czech national representation to European Nations Championship in Electronic Sports (ENC – European Nations Championship).
The presentation of national team and ENC
The Czech team will be playing in the six following months with teams from Slovakai, Hungary, Romania, Serbia Montenegro, Greece and Turkey. The first two teams from this group will get to European Final, which will be situated in Cologne in Germany. And the price money will be 20.000 euro.

The members of czech representation in Counter-Strike are:
◘ Marek „Fabio“ Nos, 19 years, the captain of representation and the Neophyte’s couch
◘ Petr „Bruce“ Vala, 17 years, from team BlackTrains
◘ Michal „Stalker“ Jakubíček, 23 years, from team BlackTrains
◘ Daniel „limp“ Nikolov, 17 years, from team Neophyte
◘ Michal „rasan“ Davitkovski, 16 years, from team Neophyte
◘ Daniel „boddie“ Kloud, 18 years, from team iii
◘ Leoš „hawai“ Hemerka, 20 years, from team iii
◘ David „Drax“ Sova, 17 years, from team MeGame
◘ Viktor „Moon“ Wanli, 28 years, the manager of representation

The members of czech representation in strategic game Warcraft 3 are:
◘ Michal „Giacomo“ Hladík, 21 years, the captain of representaion from Neophate
◘ Martin „Lord.chick“ Vítek, 24 years, from team BTeam
◘ Matyáš „BuchTa“ Deml,16 years, from team BTeam
◘ Vojtěch „Dunadan“ Sefler, 19 years
◘ Lukáš „Hajnej“ Maršík, 19 years, from team MeGame
◘ Viktor „Vikomt“ Doležel, 21 years, from team NecroRaisers
◘ Jakub „KaoS“ Černý, 22 years, the manager of representation

The official jersey of Czech representation:

The captain of Czech Counter-Strike representation Marek "Fabio" Nos noted, that:
"Our national team is compound of great players, who want to unhide and enforce themselves and therefore they will try to do their best. The partnership‘s computer Arena and the server provided by Future In Home help us to reach this point."

Czech Counter-Strike representants:








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