What is Go4Crossfire?

The Go4Crossfire Cup Series has one cup on each week, where you can earn points to qualify for the Monthly Final. On every Sunday teams, who win at least one match, will receive Go4 points and the finalists of each cup will earn respectively €275,00 + in-game prizes for first place and €125,00 + in-game prizes for second place. Every month the top 8 teams (top 16 teams in January), who earn the highest amount of Go4 points, will be playing in the monthly final, where €350,00 will be awarded to the champion of the month, €150,00 for the runner-up team, along with ingame prizes for each team who manages to acquire at least one victory.

The Go4Crossfire January cup series will be the Crossfire Invitational Qualifier and your path to glory towards IEM EXPO during Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice 2018.

Powered by Smilegate Europe, only in January two European teams will have the opportunity to attend one of the most iconic events this year in Katowice, Poland on March 3rd and each of them will qualify in a unique way. In order to qualify for CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018 your team needs to either:

A) Qualify to Go4Crossfire Europe January 2018 Finals through our weekly Go4 cups and win the monthly final, which will happen on 7th of February to become the Crossfire Invitational Qualifier winners
B) Accumulate the most amount of Go4 points through our weekly Go4Crossfire cups in January*

* If the team that has the most amount of Go4 points also wins the January monthly final, we’ll select the second best team based on the accumulated points for the month.

Read the full announcement news here.

Upcoming Tournaments

Monthly Final

The Monthly Final will take place at the beginning of each month. The final will consist of eight teams who gathered the most points during the weekly cups. They will compete for a total prize money of 500 EUR and in-game items. Only in January, the team finalist would also become the Crossfire Invitational Qualifier winners.

Current Monthly Ranking
for January

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Prize distribution

Place EUR In-game
medal_gold_3.png 1. 350

Slot for CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018 and an all-inclusive trip to Katowice, Poland

Ak-47-knife ultimate Silver - perm

Desert Eagle-Snake – perm

medal_gold_3.png 2. 150

Ak-47-Silver 30 days

Desert Eagle-Snake – perm

medal_gold_3.png 3. -

Ak-47-Silver 30 days

Desert Eagle silver 30 days

medal_grey.png 4. - Desert Eagle silver 30 days;

Current Monthly Ranking
for February

Full Monthly Ranking
Full Overall Ranking

Past Tournaments


  • The Go4Crossfire Series was started in September 2012

Monthly Rankings

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