Rule Update - Operation Shattered Web
A lot of pro competitions and tournaments are currently banning the new Operation Shattered Web player models from their matches. For ESL Play it is no exception, and we are enforcing new rules regarding this.
ESL Play has decided that Operation Shattered Web Player Models should be banned from competitive play on our platform. This means, that if a player is caught playing with these models, a punishment will concur.

We have decided to implement a grace period in this transition. Until December 16th 2019, all players using these models will get an official first time warning upon a protest for using the player models in a match.

Further offences will result into 3 Penalty Points and a match deletion or default loss in a cup for the player/team, if a protest was open. From December 16th 2019 and onward, warnings will no longer be given and punishment will be handed for the first time offence which means Penalty Points and match deletion or default loss in a cup.

Please take a minute to go through our rules here

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Sembrik, Wednesday, 04/12/19 18:44
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