Fragnet as new game server provider
Yesterday we announce the updates for our ESL Counter-Strike Game Integration and today we are proud to present our new game server hoster Fragnet. From now on we will host our tournaments their high end 128 tick game servers, where we have locations in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Stockholm.

What is Fragnet?

Fragnet is a leading provider in online gaming services including game servers, dedicated gaming servers and voice over IP communication software. Their network infrastructure spans 30 data centres worldwide.

Where are the game server located?

Fragnet has many locations in Europe, but we decided to start with the following ones. We are looking forward to your feedback and of course if it is needed we will add more locations to the ESL Counter-Strike Game Integration.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Frankfurt, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden

All European Ladders, Cups and Leagues are now changed to the new game servers, so make sure to play some matches and enjoy the new game servers as well as the new features like coaching and live scores.

If you have any feedback regarding the Game Integration and/or the game servers, feel free to post it in our feedback thread.

We hope you enjoy our latest changes and good luck in the upcoming competitions.

bLackhawk, Thursday, 21/04/16 04:44
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Who decides on which server the match will be played? Do we have to vote the Server at the beginning or is it random?
The servers will currently be chosen by the system, which means we will start with the servers where the most people have a good connection to, which is Frankfurt. We had some tests in the past weeks with connections from different countries in the EU and all of them had good pings to the location.
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