Coaching is now enabled for all 3on3/5on5 competitions
We are constantly updating our ESL Counter-Strike Game Integration and today we are happy to announce that we have enabled the coaching feature for all 3on3/5on5 competitions. Please read the news and also check the updated rules for coaching.

What is the coaching feature?

Coaches are now able to connect to the game server and watch their own team. They can give tips and help to improve the in-game play.

We hope you like the new feature and we are looking forward to your feedback. Please let us know when you used the feature and how you liked it and if everything worked out. You can use the forum thread we already have to post your feedback in the forum.

How does it work?

You need to be in the team, start ESL Anticheat and connect to the gameserver. Join your team and then type "coach t/coach ct" in the console. The coach needs to have a valid Steam ID entered in his account.

The new rule is as follows:
Coaching is possible on game integration servers. Only team members are allowed to coach on the server. ESL Anticheat is mandatory for coaches to use for the full duration of all matches without exception. If a coach cannot use ESL Anticheat then they are not allowed to coach in a match. The coach is not allowed to interfere in the match in any way. Abusing the coaching feature will be punished as unsportsmanlike behaviour.

cryyy, Monday, 18/04/16 11:30
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Thank you ESL <3
Thanks! This is #progress !!!
My god, this is awesome!
Good stuff
doesnt work, thanks
they should make this for Rainbow Six
not works
не работает больше, очень жаль
I am confused.
Should the coach join the IP address and therefore write "coach t/coach ct" or should the coach write "coach t" or "coach ct"? Or should the coach join the TV address and therefore write the thing I mentioned before.
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