VERSUS with CS:GO game integration
In the past weeks we have already tested the new CS:GO game integration in a few tournaments and today we are happy to announce it for VERSUS. We will not only provide the servers for all VERSUS matches in CS:GO, but we will also reactivate the 5on5 game mode. Tell your team mates and friends about it and let us know what you think about the new game integration.

What is the game integration?

The most important change of the game integration is, that all matches will be played on high quality servers provided by the ESL! You don't need to hassle with server renting and configuration anymore, once your match is created, you'll get a server assigned.

This assures the best possible CS:GO gaming experience together with our state of the art, world leading Anti-Cheat client.

What does change in VERSUS?

First of all we will bring back the 5on5 game mode for CS:GO, so you can play again with your friends and team mates.
From a user point of view the only change for VERSUS is that you don't need to enter game server any more as we will provide them for all matches. Besides that our VERSUS integration will active in all matches.


This is how the VERSUS integration will work:

Important commands
".status" displays the number of users ready and not ready as well as ESL IDs of all players that are still missing on the server
".help" displays all possible commands for a user
".ready" displays a message how to get unready again

Before the match
Players without WAC activated get kicked
Non-associated players of your VERSUS match get kicked (unless spec)
Every player has to set ready
You can set to not ready again
Chat displays how many players are ready
Countdown starts as soon as all players are ready
Countdown is interruptible by disconnects

During match
Config gets loaded
Non-associated players of your VERSUS match get kicked (unless spec)
(Overall) Score is displayed every round
Matchpoint is displayed
Once a team wins the match ends

After the match
Result is transferred to VERSUS
Every player can confirm the result

Feedback Thread

Your feedback is very important for us. Let us know what went well and what could be improved, so we can make this new feature as good as possible.
To collect this feedback, please use this forum thread:

We wish all VERSUS players good luck and have fun competing with the CS:GO game integration.

bLackhawk, Thursday, 18/06/15 04:54
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This gonna be good, gonna shrek some noobs in sauce
Lets do this boys!
world leading anti cheat xddddddddd
This is great news! I hope the client will get an overhaul so that you can partake in the matchmaking system without ever opening a webbrowser. I would love to to see a "Find Match" button that differentiates between solo queue or up to 5 gamers queue and of course a Team queue.

krayzN wrote:
world leading anti cheat xddddddddd

Looks good, hopefully 2v2 gets added soon.
bLackhawk wrote:
world leading Anti-Cheat client

When will this be coming to the NA region?
Spiral HoriZon wrote:
When will this be coming to the NA region?

Right now we only have servers in Europe, but we will check how we can bring it to the NA region.
versus needs to be integrated in wire. The ESL webpage navigates like it's from the 90s. believe me i was there.
Can we get some players in the queue right now?
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