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Name Sharks
Shorthandle *Sharks
Registered since 27/08/15
Headquarters  Greece
Area/Region Cyrpus-Greece
Sharks team is a professional gaming team.Currently we have only Counter Strike Global Offensive team.We are taking place in tournaments

If you want to be shark, you have to swim deep and deeper ;)
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Latest matches
  CS:GO 5on5 Open League Winter 2015 Europe
loss   Bamboo Whispers  0 Tuesday, 27/10/15 14:00
loss   Team Avalanche  0 Tuesday, 13/10/15 14:00
loss   PG ONLINE  0 Tuesday, 06/10/15 14:00
loss   Team SphinX.  0 Tuesday, 22/09/15 14:00
loss   GreenTown  0 Tuesday, 15/09/15 14:00 1