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Name Team Reactance
Shorthandle Reactance
Registered since 27/08/15
Headquarters  United Kingdom
We are a team derived of players from across the world - mainly Europe. We seek dominance in the competitive EU leagues of CS:GO, and we will not give up until this dream has been brought to reality. May any contenders, that attempt to stand in our path to domination, be crushed to a pulp. All in all, GL and HF.
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Latest matches
  CS:GO 5on5 Open League Winter 2015 Europe
loss   FragDeluxe  0 Tuesday, 13/10/15 14:30
loss   Galaxity  0 Sunday, 04/10/15 14:00
wins   Defiant Masters  + 3 Sunday, 20/09/15 16:00
loss   PINCER Gaming  0 Friday, 11/09/15 18:00 4