Lions Of Long A vs. Paradox eSports
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 612.  402.

 Lions Of Long A
 Paradox eSports
Status: closed
MatchID 31813938
Date Sunday, 11/10/15 12:00
Calculated 11/10/15 13:31
best_of 3
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0 : 2
Paradox eSports wins !
Points 0 : +3
11/10/15 13:29
uploaded with ESL Wire 2015-10-11_00001.jpg*
346 kB, 11/10/15 13:29, by Animinus (Paradox)
11/10/15 13:29
uploaded with ESL Wire 2015-10-11_00002.jpg*
592 kB, 11/10/15 13:29, by Animinus (Paradox)
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Lions Of Long A

Paradox eSports

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comments (12)
Can you guys play this Friday evening, ie September 18th?
Hello, we cannot play at the pre-defined ESL date, nor this weekend, Was wondering if you wanted to play 27th of september @ like 3:00?
Hey guys! We are also having a few problems with the dates, sorry. At the moment two of our people are on holiday and one of us is in the process of moving back to the UK from Europe. Could we do the evening of Saturday October 2 or Sunday October 3rd instead (daytime or evening) instead? We would rather play than not play at all.

Speak soon

Yeah, that sounds good. Just ignore ESL, they will proberably ask for a score, just dont enter anything and we will play at either of these dates you stated. Will get back to you on which date we do, Thanks -Animinus :)
Thats pathetic, did you really apeal a defualt win?
Thanks for being understanding about this and sorry for the nonsense with ESL. I didn't enter anything at all as I have not even been online for the past few days. I will contact the admins now to change the date.

Apologies again and look forward to playing next week!

I have also opened a ticket, ignore my outspurt it was out of rage and un-called for :)
No worries, buddy. When I first saw the result, my reaction was also "what the fuck?" Still haven't heard anything from the admins but will keep you posted. Speak soon!
So I assume maps are dd2, overpass and cache?
Yes, this ban system is a little bit weird but that is how it seems!

What order though? We are highly unlikely to play 3 maps given our record so far (!) so personally speaking we would prefer DD2 and then Cache. Does that work?

Look forward to it. Thanks for being patient.

Do you want to use our server?
Yeah that seems fine :D And if possible could we use your server please? My team no-longer has a server so that would be an issue :D
No problem. Am offline over the weekend but add me on Steam and we will get going on Sunday. Take care!
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