SouthSide.CS vs. DREAMinc
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Status: closed
MatchID 32033788
Date Sunday, 13/12/15 14:00
Calculated 13/12/15 16:23
Map 1 de_cache
Map 2 de_dust2
Map 3 de_mirage
best_of 3
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Result Media
2 : 1
SouthSide.CS wins !
14/12/15 13:58
Demo - - RexT*
55.3 MB, 14/12/15 13:58, by RexT (SouthSide)
14/12/15 13:58
Demo - - bjorne*
76.2 MB, 14/12/15 13:58, by bjorne (SouthSide)
14/12/15 13:30
uploaded with ESL Wire Mirage demo on*
76.2 MB, 14/12/15 13:30, by NiquarN (SouthSide)
14/12/15 14:10
uploaded with ESL Wire melrek*
49.5 MB, 14/12/15 14:10, by melrek (SouthSide)
14/12/15 14:11
uploaded with ESL Wire melrek*
61.4 MB, 14/12/15 14:11, by melrek (SouthSide)
14/12/15 14:12
uploaded with ESL Wire melrek*
68.0 MB, 14/12/15 14:12, by melrek (SouthSide)
14/12/15 12:56
uploaded with ESL Wire*
71.8 MB, 14/12/15 12:56, by r2d2 (dreamINC)
* No longer available
Matchmedia Requests
13/12/15 16:38 RexT (SouthSide) all maps
13/12/15 16:38 bjorne (SouthSide) all maps
13/12/15 16:38 NiquarN (SouthSide) all maps
13/12/15 16:38 melrek (SouthSide) all maps



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comments (13)
melrek wrote:
Here are links to all files requested, I cant upload on esl page for some reason. GG

I'm unable to download any of these demos because it takes 1-2 hours from "" and it breaks up after 15-20 minutes -gg

retry to upload it on esl
The ESL website won't allow us to upload them here. Maybe check your internet Connection or retry downloading them on Speedyshare while I await response on my Supportticket.
hey guys,!#wdh_2_2-Demos

2.2.1. Requesting demos
It is not necessary to split the demo in two halves per Map. The request refers to one demo per map, so after a request the player have to upload the complete demo/map (one demo = one map of one player). Maximum amount of demos that can be requested:

5on5: 4 demos per team
3on3, 2on2: 2 demos per team
Both sides should check the demo requests of a match after the 30 minutes have passed. The requested demos must be uploaded to the match page within 24 hours. Please check cup rules for special deadlines.

If any demo is missing after 24 hours, you have to open a protest ticket within the 72 hour protest period to complain. The player will get an additional 24 hours from the opening of the protest to upload the requested demos.

2.2.2. Uploading demos
Demos have to be compressed into an archive (.zip, .rar, .7z). Apart from that all match media has to be uploaded to the ESL website (the match page). You are not allowed to upload your match media to your personal web space or any other kind of external hoster.

Melrek - mirage
Niquarn - mirage
Rext - cache
bjorne - mirage

Please upload your demos here on the esl matchpage as requested in time or else a protest ticket will be opened

2 edits

I already tried it at several times and also checked my internet connection and as you can clearly see, the internet connection is not the problem.

Just upload it on ESL as usual, there shouldn't be a problem to do so.
we cant upload to esl, just finnishing in 1 sec, and doesnt do anything else for hours, need to use speedyshare or something like it..

2 edits
We are in Contact with support regarding the upload of demos. The website is not allowing us to put them up here on the matchpage. So yes, there is a problem uploading them.

We have to wait and see what the support says. They already told me to try to upload them via Wire, but that didn't work either, so I'm awaiting their next response.

DOOOONE! :) have fun watching a none cheater :))))))
thanks, only melreks demo is missing.
Its up now. Happy watching!
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