Lions Of Long A vs. Inconsiderate Lads
Contestants Parameters
 361.  971.

 Lions Of Long A
 Inconsiderate Lads
Status: closed
MatchID 33316307
Date Tuesday, 02/02/16 14:00
Calculated 31/01/16 15:57
Map 1 de_cache
Map 2 de_inferno
Map 3 de_dust2
best_of 3
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0 : 2
Inconsiderate Lads wins !
Points 0 : +3
31/01/16 15:10
uploaded with ESL Wire 2016-01-31_00001.jpg*
472 kB, 31/01/16 15:10, by Snaps (IncLads)
31/01/16 15:13
uploaded with ESL Wire 2016-01-31_00004.jpg*
431 kB, 31/01/16 15:13, by (IncLads)
31/01/16 15:13
uploaded with ESL Wire 2016-01-31_00009.jpg*
391 kB, 31/01/16 15:13, by (IncLads)
* No longer available

Inconsiderate Lads

Lions Of Long A

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comments (6)
Alright lads? Can you maybe play Sunday afternoon/evening? We have a server, but would prefer to use yours if you have one. Look forward to it!

We can play sunday around 7 or 8 UK time let me know what time you prefer.
Hey man,

Yeh, that should be fine. Shall we say 7pm?

Server =
Password = eslround1

(You can connect and give it a quick test if you wish: I will leave it like this until Sunday)

All the best

Yeah 7 is fine cya on sunday
Cheers, buddy. Speak then!
Can we move this to monday/tuesday? My 5th just told me he can't play on sunday. We can play with 4 but its not ideal..let me know what you wanna do.
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