Team Reddix vs. die stimmung
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 103.  .

 Team Reddix
 die stimmung
Status: closed
MatchID 31948385
Date Wednesday, 21 October 18:10
Calculated Wednesday, 21 October 18:51
Created by ESL Instant Challenger
Map 1 de_cache
best_of 1
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8 : 16
die stimmung wins !
Points -28 : +28

die stimmung

Team Reddix

Team Reddix
21/10/15 12:55
Wrong ingame name & change without info
The player "parketbodeN" (ingame) has a non-matching name with his esl account, we still have no clue who he is.
Also they changed players without giving us a information. (lynkovski joined - boxer winnetou left)
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