ArteX Gaming CS:GO vs. All For Nothing
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 ArteX Gaming CS:GO
 All For Nothing
Status: closed
MatchID 30489415
Date Monday, 01 September 00:09
Calculated Monday, 01 September 00:52
Created by ESL Instant Challenger
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2 : 16
All For Nothing wins !
Points -24 : +24
Monday, 01 September 00:52
Round 1*
144 kB, Monday, 01 September 00:52, by akiR0 (aforN)
* No longer available

All For Nothing

ArteX Gaming CS:GO

ArteX Gaming CS:GO
01/09/14 20:08
Rcon status missing
Hello dear Admin,

the team "All For Nothing" has NOT uploaded their rcon status screenshot even though we asked them several times through the ESL WIRE chat.

If they don't upload the rcon status we demand the match to be deleted.

Regards, SMT.
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