Quick Rules

  • Server: 128 tick high quality servers
  • Game Integration Guide
  • Maps: Mapveto, BO1, Final BO3
  • Max Rounds: 15 (per half)
  • Standard ESL Mappool:

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medal_gold_3.png 1st place - Global Elite Lounge (2,999 EUR)
esl-one-cologe-tickets.png The Lounge offers various great perks which will make the event even better.
  • Private lounge with balcony
  • Private catering
  • Skip the lines - priority access in all queues
  • Backstage tours
  • Free WiFi
  • Private massages
  • Exclusive "Global Elite" memorabilia
medal_silver_3.png 2nd place - Premium tickets (1,085 EUR)
The Premium Ticket will give you the full two day Counter-Strike: Global Offensive experience for your team.
  • Access to the LANXESS Arena on August 22nd & 23rd
  • Premium Area Seating
  • Free Drinks and Food
  • Goodie Bag
  • Exclusive Signing Sessions

medal_bronze_3.png 3rd place - Normal tickets (205 EUR)
The Weekend Ticket will give you access to the venue on both days for your team.
  • Access to the LANXESS Arena on August 22nd & 23rd
  • Free Seating

  • You need to be at least 16 years old to be able to attend the event.
  • The Global Elite Lounge is non transferable.


Looking for help? During the cup join #esl.csgo on Quakenet IRC or open a support ticket.

Match related issues must be handled via match protest.