Necrotic vs. Figure8 EU
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 Figure8 EU
Status: closed
MatchID 39025880
Date Wednesday, 15 April 00:10
Calculated Wednesday, 15 April 01:00
Round Semifinals
Map 1 de_inferno
best_of 1
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1 : 0
Necrotic wins !
Wednesday, 15 April 01:33
Insufficient Warning*
172 kB, Wednesday, 15 April 01:33, by Uncene (Figure8)
* No longer available

Figure8 EU

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comments (1)
Are you serious? how did he join the game with the anti cheat not running? He had the anti cheat open how is he supposed to know that it isnt on?

The warning sounded like a joke to us. We need a re-match
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