Sideline Gaming Community vs. Legendary Killers
Contestants Parameters

 Sideline Gaming Community
 Legendary Killers
Status: closed
MatchID 32027879
Date Wednesday, 11 November 21:55
Calculated Wednesday, 11 November 22:49
Round Round of 64
Map 1 de_inferno
best_of 1
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Result Media
16 : 3
Sideline Gaming Community wins !
Matchmedia Requests
11/11/15 17:53 9558965 (LK) demo please
11/11/15 17:53 EightBALL (LK) demo please

Legendary Killers

Sideline Gaming Community

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Okey again we are waiting more than 10 minutes and still one of them arent there and we cant wait any longer now.
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