Quick Rules

First ESL Cup?
Then we recommend you to read this tutorial, so you can play without problems during the cup!

  • Standard ESL Mappool:
    • aim_redline
    • aim_glockon
    • aim_map2_go
    • aim_9h_ak
    • csgo_aim_head2k
    • aim_aztec
    • aim_furiouz
    • aim_icemap
    • aim_season_rifle
    • aim_ak_snowshot
    • aim_ak47aim
    • aim_ak_day
    • aim_map_noawp



These prizes can only be won in the last stage of the tournament! On top of the Premium prize, the winner of the closed final will receive a unique seasonal Spring award which will be seen on his player profile.

arrow_right_black.gifaward_star_gold_3.pngFirst place: 3 months section-premium_small.gif Premium
arrow_right_black.gifaward_star_silver_3.pngSecond place: 2 months section-premium_small.gif Premium
arrow_right_black.gifaward_star_bronze_3.pngThird place: 1 month section-premium_small.gif Premium


We suggests to check the Beginners Guide, where you can check the neccessary steps you need to take during a cup.

If you still need help please open a Support ticket!

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