METALEAK.csgo vs. Exalty eSports
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 Exalty eSports
Status: closed
MatchID 35618581
Date Monday, 12 February 21:30
Calculated Monday, 12 February 23:18
Map 1 de_inferno
Map 2 de_nuke
Map 3 de_cache
best_of 3
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0 : 2
Exalty eSports wins !
Points 0 : +3

Exalty eSports


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comments (8)
Need a reschedule because we can't play ESL tonight. Will 04/02/2018 21:00 be okay for you exalty ?
Nous avons besoins de changer la date du match d'ESL Major league car nous ne sommes pas disponible pour ce soir. Le 04/02/3018 21:00 sera possible pour vous ?
Yes it's ok no problem go 04/02/2018.
Hi,can we reschedule the match because one of our players has his mouse broken. Will you agree on Wednesday,18th?
Bonsoir, pouvons nous décaler le match au mercredi 18 février ? Un de nos joueurs a sa souris qui est cassée.
Merci d'avance
the Wednesday 7th fabruary, she was wrong sorry
We can play on Monday 12th of February 21:00 but wednesday the 7th is going to be difficult. Is that okay for you?
Lundi 21h 12/02/2018 ?
Yes it's ok for the 12th of february, thanks !
Hello once again,
Finally is it possible to have the match played at 21:30 because we have an issue that make the match impossible to play for us at 21. Is it fine for you guys ? So it will be the 12/02/18 at 21:30 if you accept it ^^
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