How to play Go4CS:GO

Starting to play in our Go4CS:GO Series is very easy!

Just follow this how-to-play, signup for the next Go4CS:GO cup each Saturday, compete with the best teams and get the chance to win €50 in the Nordics' cup series.

Step-by-Step Guide

1: Sign up for the next Go4CS:GO!
You can find all upcoming cups on the right or at our navigation under "Major"

2: Check-In
Check-In every Saturday between 17:30 and 17:40 CEST to save your slot for the Go4 cup

3: Late Sign up
If you are too late for the Check-In and there are still slots left, you can signup till 18:00 CEST! First round starts at 18:00 CEST

4: Read the rules
You can always find the rulebook of the cup at the cuppage. Just click on "Rules" in the menu

5: Play!

  • We will start an own gameserver just for your match! No need to hassle with server configuration and setup anymore!
  • Just click on the "Connect with ESL Anticheat " button to start.
    • ESL Anticheat will initialize
    • After that, Counter-Strike will automatically be started and connects to the correct server
  • Just enter ".ready" into the server chat to mark yourself ready, once all players are ready, the kniferound starts.
  • Kniferound winner can choose the side they want to start on.
  • Play the match and don't forget to record your POV demo. Enter "record <DEMONAME>" into the console
  • After the match is finished, the result is automatically entered into the ESL matchpage and the match gets closed.
  • If you won the match, wait for your next opponent and start!

Opponents do not show up?
Please contact us in the cup chat or open a match protest.

You can find all ways to contact us at the cup page

Protected by ESL Anticheat

ESL Anticheat is used in all Go4CS:GO cups to ensure a fair and cheat free competition! Just download our ESL Anticheat Client, login with your ESL credentials and start your ESL Matches!

Download ESL Anticheat
(32bit / 64bit Version for Windows 7, 8.1 & 10) with ESL Wire Anticheat

Upcoming Cups

Request your prize!

Congratulations for winning the Go4CS:GO Cup! To request your prize money, please open a support ticket with the following content:
  • First & Lastname, IBAN and BIC/SWIFT or
  • verified PayPal email address
We only need this data from one team member, they will get the full amount of prize money to split it up.