MyCream vs. VUT_Team
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Status: closed
MatchID 36698088
Date Friday, 01 March 14:03
Calculated Sunday, 03 March 19:10
Round Round of 16
Map 1 de_inferno
best_of 1
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1 : 0
MyCream wins !
Sunday, 03 March 18:54
Demo - - Arkel
219 kB, Sunday, 03 March 18:54, by ark3L



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comments (5)
We have been waiting on the server for more than 20 minutes. The enemy surrendered at 13-6 scoreline. Could you give us the win?
confirm the freewin guys....
We have already written the results, could you confirm it?
Just open a protest please we've been here for 40 minutes
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The protest has been closed by the admin... We have already written like 5 times in it...
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