Team Skylo  Team Skylo  id:  12441646

Name Team Skylo
Shorthandle Skylo
Registered since 28/04/18
Headquarters  United Kingdom
Area/Region London
We are Team Skylo , We are a team about Respect and Communicating well. As a team we play very aggressive and Compete to a high Performance

Here is the team

- Skylo Mac
- Skylo Mist
- Skylo NaVe
- Skylo Willy
- Skylo Toby
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MAC Donalds  and  Mist
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Latest matches
  Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #303
loss   Innominate  0 Sunday, 13/05/18 08:01
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 13/05/18 08:00
  Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #301
loss   1MINUT  0 Sunday, 29/04/18 08:01
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 29/04/18 08:00