Name Parufki Date 14/12/15
File size 11.5 MB Category replay/demo
File name
League  Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #177
Match /play/counterstrike/csgo/csgo/major/go4csgo-europe/cup-177/match/32124281/
Match media Demo - - Skylin3
Description Parufki-Five vs. Team Retake
2.3 / 10   (4 Votes)    
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09/03/18 04:54  #2
25/06/18 09:44  #3
14/12/15 17:34  #4
It's not his full-demo it's only first 19minutes. In this 19min he killed about 5 or 6 perosn. At the end he had about 42-43 kills. Many peopels want to see his demo. Before they played vs us they have played few matches and in 2 matches , players want to see his demo. We hope that he will be banned in next few days. This guy is having new acc, of course private profile and on my demo we can see when that player killed us few times through the wall. Please speedy consideration of the matter.
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