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Name Doges
Shorthandle Đoges
Registered since 05/04/16
Headquarters  Italy
  2  Awards  
Player (6)
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Latest matches
  ESL Vodafone Championship Spring 2020 CS:GO (PC) Open Qualifier #3
loss   HSL Esports  0 Sunday, 09/02/20 15:30
loss   Manguste eSports  0 Sunday, 09/02/20 14:20
wins   OLDIES BUT GOLDIES  + 2 Sunday, 09/02/20 13:10
wins   LEGIO IXI  + 2 Sunday, 09/02/20 12:00
  CS:GO 5on5 Open League Winter 2016 Playoffs Europe
loss   Team *  0 Tuesday, 06/12/16 14:00
wins   Fox Hound  + 2 Tuesday, 29/11/16 14:00
wins   (bye)  Tuesday, 22/11/16 14:00
  CS:GO 5on5 Open League Winter 2016 Europe
wins   G-Sense  + 3 Monday, 07/11/16 15:00
wins   Flying Turkeys  + 3 Tuesday, 25/10/16 19:07
  Go4CS:GO Europe September 2016 Finals
loss   kre4t1v  0 Thursday, 27/10/16 13:00
Team Doges is a CS:GO Academy, organized with the goal of developing local Counter-Strike scenes, while also giving the most promising players the means to reach a proper international level. This project is fueled by, one of the world's leading websites for Counter-Strike, known for delivering news, statistics, coverage and predictions for the ever-expanding professional scene.
The primary focus of the Doges Academy is to put in place the necessary infrastructures for niche scenes, something that should be beneficial for the entire player base and likely help these countries improve and join the Professional tier. We're kicking-off this project in Italy, where our brand new Team Doges will be paired with top-tier international players and coaches to assist during this journey to the top.