Blue Eyes White Dragon vs. myRevenge e.V. Eu
Contestants Parameters

 Blue Eyes White Dragon
 myRevenge e.V. Eu
Status: closed
MatchID 33425257
Date Sunday, 21 February 14:00
Calculated Sunday, 21 February 14:41
Round Round of 256
Map 1 de_cache
best_of 1
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1 : 0
Blue Eyes White Dragon wins ! (Default Win)
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comments (4)
Blue eyes so troll clan ^^
Blue Eyes just cryng that we want to play 4vs5
you have no chance to win its to boring sorry
ye you just didnt want to play versus 4.. i imagine that how can u play if we 5 :) just started to cryng before the match that we r calling a cheater bla bla grow up kid u need it or just go play some mario dont act like german scene cheaters inc from german scene..
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