Kasselverbot vs. isamoti.GG
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Status: closed
MatchID 31537978
Date Thursday, 21 May 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 21 June 18:49
Round Round of 32
Map 1 de_mirage
best_of 1
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Result Media
5 : 16
isamoti.GG wins !
Sunday, 21 June 18:48
uploaded with ESL Wire 2015-06-21_00007.jpg
285 kB, Sunday, 21 June 18:48, by hewra ranger (isamoti.GG)
Sunday, 21 June 18:49
192 kB, Sunday, 21 June 18:49, by w00t (KV)



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comments (3)
Don't worry - VermitraX.GG you'll have one who wasn't connected to wire :)
we play with standin chill mad kid lel :f
he is not from us, he is a mad man how dont understand when he didnt played by the rules
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