Go4CS:GO Europe

For more than 4 years, Go4CS:GO Europe has been providing teams of all abilities the opportunity to compete against some of the best and up-and-coming teams. Featuring one cup each Sunday with the chance to win prize money and qualify for the monthly finals, many of the world's best and up-and-coming players have played Go4CS:GO Europe.

  • 1 cup each Sunday
  • Monthly finals with €500 prize money (winner takes it all)
  • Sundays: €100 prize money (winner takes it all) & Go4CS:GO points

Upcoming Cups

How to play Go4CS:GO

Starting to play in our Go4CS:GO Series is very easy!

We've created a full how-to-play guide for easy signup and playing in out Go4CS:GO cups! Check it out, signup for the next cup and start competing with the best teams and your chance to win €100 in Europe's biggest cup series!

How to play Go4CS:GO

Monthly Finals

Every month 8 of the best teams in Europe compete for the grand prize of 500 Euro and the title of being the best team in this month. Are you among those teams? Prove it in the Sunday cups!

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Current Monthly Ranking

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Prize Money

Place Prize Money
medal_gold_3.png 1. €500

Go4CS:GO Europe May 2017 Champions


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Past Cups


The Go4CS:GO Series was started in July 2012 shortly before the official release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Since it began*, it has:
  • hosted more than 190 cups
  • featuring more than 41,300 players in over 14,800 teams
  • playing more than 30,000 matches
  • given out more than €39,500 in prize money
* until January 2016

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